Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Stock Market vs The Real Estate Market

To put things into perspective and to ease your worries . . .

Two years ago today (03/09) the Standard and Poor's 500 Index hit bottom at 666 and change. During the eighteen months prior, the S-P 500 declined some 53% from its 2007 high of 1576. While the market remains 250+ S-P points shy of its all-time high, today's close at the 1320 level represents an astonishing two-year gain of about 98%.

Who would've, could've or should've thought a stock market recovery of such magnitude was even possible?!?

The Stock Market and the Real Estate Market are like pedals on a bicycle as they rotate their highs and lows. If it is true that the Stock Market regained 98% of its losses in only two years, what do you think is possible with the Real Estate Market?!? YES--this is most certainly the TIME to BUY because in two years from today--you will find a huge profit in your pockets.

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